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How Did One Couple Start Up QR Code Shopping Flyers-Posters-Catalogues?!

(photo - Gordon and Leona, Co-Founders of
"The Biggest Little Web-Shop on the Planet,  
              " https://Gordon &
It all started with...
It was just two years ago, April of 2014, that the co-founders of QR Code Shopping Flyers-Posters-Catalogues got their first smartphone.  Really.     
Their cell phones worked just fine.  Their laptops worked just fine.  A new smartphone meant it better be a high-fives-all-around or clouds-parting kind of deal, otherwise what’s the point in spending money when you don’t have to, right?
Strolling through the Dufferin Mall one afternoon, grocery-shopping haul in tow, a flashy sales promo poster board caught their eye:  Get Your New Smartphone Zero Money Down.  Receive a store credit for $100!
“Who knew we were missing out on cool things like apps and real selfies?”  Gordon says.
What is a Smart Phone?
What is an APP?   
What is a Selfie? 
What is a QR Code?
What is Mobile Commerce?
Life after Smartphone
Do you remember what life was like before getting your first smartphone?  Like text messaging was fun before, even on the cell phone of yesteryear, but as soon as you send or receive one on a smartphone there is no going back.
Well, it’s kind of the same thing for Gordon & Leona that is, regarding something else; those black and white boxes that resemble tiny crossword puzzles.
They’re everywhere; from riding the subway or bus, flipping through a magazine or newspaper, getting a prescription filled, waiting in a lobby at the dentist to eating at a fast food restaurant or shopping at any mall.  Even when you’re quickly looking at almost any bulletin board never mind taking your time to read through some of the ads posted, you’re likely to see a few.
Both Leona & Gordon recall seeing those black and white boxes that resemble tiny crossword puzzles.  They even asked each other and a few of their neighbours and friends what they were used for and since neither of them really knew what they were called, that was it.  No one even bothered to Google it.
These black and white boxes that resemble tiny crossword puzzles are called QR codes.  Maybe you’re thinking that’s good for a start, but what are they for and where can I get one?  And what does the ‘QR’ mean anyway?
Life after QR Code
After Leona realized that they are not anything like a 3D stereogram; you know those 3D pictures that you use to see on the back of cereal boxes?  A stereogram is a 3D picture that has a hidden image within it, and to see the image you stare at them until they magically pop out.  Well, those are not QR codes.  They’re not weird mini crossword puzzles either.
What is a 2d stereogram image?
           This is a QR Code (This is one of our early designs of our QR Code Shopping Poster Stores or Poster Malls, sometimes referred to as "Virtual Storefronts."  In our poster-store below, the photo of the smart phone scanning a qr code is pretty much how it works.
The Q is for quick.  The R is for response; although reference or reader can also be used.   The code is for barcodeQuick response code.  But what’s this bar code reference about?
Well, a QR code looks nothing like the one-dimensional (1D) bar code we’re accustomed to seeing on the labels of soup cans, courier packages or the retail tags you see on clothing.  This is called a 1D barcode because it ‘holds’ a single line of numerical data that is read & scanned from left to right.  This is especially useful for keeping track of goods because the numbers in each barcode can represent how many, size, brand name and manufacturer or such other similar info.
It would make perfect sense that the price is stored within a barcode but this is a misconception.  As soon as the cashier scans a barcode of any product, it is sent to the stores own computer system.  From there the price is found and sent back to the checkout. 
What about the QR Code?
A QR code on the other hand, also known as a two dimensional (2D) barcode, can ‘hold’ alpha-numeric data that can be read horizontally and vertically.  This means that a whole bunch of data can be stored into a QR code.  And this is why a QR code can link to videos, slideshows, PDF's, MP3's, coupons and even 'buy now' and 'donate now' buttons So, when you scan a QR code who knows what you'll find at the end of the rainbow?  This is part of the appeal of QR codes.
What’s also super cool is that you can even buy stuff with QR codes.  On the flip side this means you can also sell stuff with them.  And that is super duper cool. 
Now Where Were We?!
Life after smartphone; from learning the name of those black & white weird boxes to what they were for to scanning them to making their own QR codes to using them as puns in their daily doings.  For instance QR so special, QR in deep trouble, QR sitting on it, and well I guess you get the picture (Gee, QR smart!).
But when Gordon & Leona realized anyone can sell almost anything with a QR code they started applying the promo & selling power of QR codes to their combined creative skills and services.  This meant promoting their videos, newsletters & brochures but also promoting and selling their new found promotional & sales via QR code as a service add- on.
Enter:  QR Code Shopping Flyers-Posters-Catalogues
Leona & Gordon soon discovered the limitless scope of selling stuff with QR codes. You can make as many QR codes for as many reasons as you wish; buying/selling and promoting stuff just happen to be some of their fave.
QR codes enhance any print promo and distributing your QR code-enhanced print promos likely increases your chances of impressions (the number of times your ad is seen by the number of people during the set campaign) points-of-sale (a fancy word for when & where product is bought & sold as well as what was used to make the transaction; cash, credit, ATM, debit after which a receipt is given). 
This is yet another bonus because all those flyers or posters you put out there into the world within your neighbourhood will definitely attract attention and engage people who wanna learn more about what it is you`re doing.  And this means they will scan your QR code to find out more details.
A Garage Sale
Let’s say that you’re having a garage or yard sale.  After all the planning and organizing, you must post flyers within your neighbourhood to make it a success.  Posting the usual tried & true flyer; so many hundreds and even thousands of people will see your garage sale poster.  That`s a pretty cool thing itself, however a fraction of those who notice your flyer will read the whole thing.  A smaller fraction of those people will make a note of it and likely find it after your garage/yard sale is long gone!  That sucks.
However a little to a whole lot will take a picture of your flyer. At any rate it’s a good thing because you can make this even more advantageous with a QR code.
Connecting Offline With Online
This is one main reason why people like QR codes; linking our offline world to our online world can lead to new ways of making announcements.  Your garage sale flyer becomes interactive by including a QR code.  You can feature a link to a video about fun garage sale facts, a link to photos of some goods on sale or a Google Maps link could really catch their interest and entice them to check out your garage sale.
You can also make a QR code coupon for your garage sale.  True, garage sales sell used items but people love spending money when they can get amazing deals; scanning it means they spend less when they show you the QR code from their smartphone.  All it takes is imagination and a wee bit more work.  All you have to do is get a little creative. The next time you or someone you know are having a garage sale please try one of these QR code driven ideas.
So Far, So Good.  
As you can see they really made good use of that first smartphone.  Leona & Gordon co-founded their happy little m-commerce small biz together.  Anything good that starts from the ground takes working smart and staying on the same page while moving forward.
Don’t forget to visit
Calling All Locals, Locals, Locals!
Calling all local small biz proprietors, shop owners, professional offices, home-based biz persons, self-employed persons, residents, artists, performers, charity organizations & clubs and creative entrepreneurs; this is an open call to you and everybody in our awesome neighbourhood & great City of Toronto, especially people with garage sales.
It’s official, now you can buy, sell and promote family-friendly products & services within our network of QR Code Shopping Flyers-Posters-Catalogues.
What's This For?!
People can buy & sell stuff with smartphones and get it delivered to them or they can pick up their bought goods.  This is the first & only niche-platform of its kind!  We aim to make it a part of your lifestyle on-the-go, at home and wherever else you see our QR code print platforms.
Summer Deal From Us To You
Throughout June/July/August 2016 it’s only $30 for 30 days for your ad-space on our QR Code Shopping Flyers-Posters-Catalogues and $50 (plus taxes) total includes your financially-linked QR code, product image, company name & contact info to both promote & sell your goods & services today.  That’s like investing a little over $50 to starting one of your potentially many revenue streams.
You'll like This!
Each and every sale made on QR Code Shopping Flyers-Posters-Catalogues always split immediately upon the point- of-purchase; 90% for you and 10% commission for us each & every time a customer buys from QR Code Shopping Flyers-Posters-Catalogues.  That’s great service.
That's All We Wrote!
We hope you enjoyed it.  Please keep us in mind because Leona will be posting more blogs and I will be posting more super short & sweet product videos on a bi-weekly basis as well as posting regular deals & discounts throughout our social media every week as well as our QR Code Shopping Flyers-Posters-Catalogues.  Please also keep in mind that we make all sorts of mixed media to meet any & all of your promotional needs (online videos, GIFs, online banners, newsletters, flyers and all of these are QR code enhanced if you wish) plus you can feature them on our awesome local service.
About written by Leona Sackaney       
Conclusion written by Gordon King Welke & Leona Sackaney
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